Creative Production

Layout and Design Extension

From existing designs or brand guidelines, we create layouts for new product packaging and marketing collateral, insuring consistency across your full range of materials.

Print-ready File Creation

Using best practices and industry standards, we convert designs and layouts to print ready files including required die lines, copy, fonts, color and creative elements while insuring minimal work at the pre-press and printing stages.

3D Packaging Renders

3-Dimensional renders allow for packaging or product concept review without the time and expense required for physical mockups. Renders can also be used for marketing collateral when a physical sample is not available for photography.

Database Publishing

Automated media production tools and techniques allow us to systematically generate catalogs, sell sheets, price lists, etc. from database contents in a fraction of the time it takes using traditional methods.

Image Editing

P+H provides professional-grade photo retouching, enhancing and color correction.


Our in-house studio delivers high-quality, high volume, outline photography for digital marketing or print collateral.

Prototypes / Proofing

Packaging Mockups

One of a kind and short run packaging mockups for proof of concept, props for photography, video or advertising; Bags and pouches, boxes and cartons, cans and bottles.

Sales Samples

Larger run packaging mockups for sales samples, trade shows, shelf sets, etc.

POP / Presentation Materials

Point of Purchase die cut shelf talkers, on-pack and floor displays, mounted prints, presentations boards, banners, table covers, and more.

Color Proofing

Discovering that spot colors or special effects aren’t right at press-side causes added expense, delays and frustration. Our special color proofing systems dial in color and add special effects long before going to press, minimizing pressroom surprises and maximizing a successful print run.

Unique Capabilities

Dry Transfers Rubdowns

Available in Foil, Metallic, Pearlescent, Fluorescent, custom, Toyo and Pantone® color matches. Rubdowns can be applied to a multitude of surfaces and appear as if they were printed.

Airbrush Painting

Available in Metallic, Pearlescent, Fluorescent, custom, Toyo and Pantone® color matches, paints can be applied to a variety of surfaces without streaks, drips or show through. From product decorating and finishing to color exploration, we have the expertise to deliver the desired color match and finish.

Thermoformed packaging

Plastic sheeting is heated and vacuum formed for clamshell, blister pack, tray packs and more. Sheeting can be customized to fit any number of specific products and needs.

Emboss / Deboss

Raised or recessed relief design elements pressed into paper and other materials lends a special element to packaging and print collateral.

Foils and Metallic Ink Printing

Metallic inks and foil details will provide a special touch to your project. Our capabiities allow us to add these to a wide variety of substrates and materials; lables, shrink film, paper, fabrics, etc.


Asset Management

P+H associates can integrate with client-managed asset systems. Or, we invite you to access our systems for organization, management, storage and archival of creative assets and print files.

Language Translation

Does your project require multiple languages? If yes (or si, or oui) let us handle the needed translations.

FDA and CFIA Regulatory Compliance

US and Canadian regulations are vast and often difficult to follow. We review food packaging to ensure it is in compliance.

Digital Review & Approval

Our standard workflow includes online proofing. This system improves accuracy, speeds approval time, and creates a catalog of notes, edits and file versions.