Rishi Tea

Sophisticated & Unique Packaging Mockups

Premium, Inspirational Quality

With such a unique, premium packaging, Rishi Tea company came to Partners + Hunt for color proofing to ensure that the printer knew how to flawlessly translate the design to the final printed piece.
To start, our color experts created physical proofs for each of the client’s SKUs. This type of meticulous process took a special level of artistry with the Rishi Tea packaging. P+H specialists spent hours finding the best color and level of saturation to achieve the desired water color effect for each unique printed packaging as well as to determine the best foil color and material to match the original design. 
Photo Set up 10 1
Photo Set up 11

Photo Set up 14

Photo Set up 15

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I didn¹t get a chance to write you yesterday but WOW ‹ they looked amazing. You guys did an amazing job, we were all floored by the quality and the quick turnaround. You made our photo producer¹s day!