Getting award-winning work out the door on time and on budget is one thing. Keeping it going for almost 50 years is another. For that you need sound processes, proven methodologies and failsafe systems. Here are a few of the P+H extras that bring structure and calm to an often chaotic creative process.

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Asset Management

Organizing, managing, storing and archiving your print files and other creative assets can be a maddening job. We make it easy. You can use our well-established in-house systems, or we can integrate with yours. Either way, it’s one less thing for you to worry about.

We’ll help you update your Nutrition Fact Panels to get in compliance with new regulations.

FDA + CFIA Regulatory Compliance

U.S. and Canadian regulations are complex and hard to follow. We keep up on our homework, and our food-packaging clients appreciate our diligence in helping ensure their packaging stays in compliance.


Language Translation

Does your project require multiple languages? If yes (or si, or oui), we can help you translate.

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Digital Review + Approval

Online proofing is a built-in part of our workflow process, improving our accuracy, speeding approval time and creating a permanent catalog of notes, changes and file versions. It also makes the review and approval process simple, fast and painless for you.