Unique Capabilities

There are many, many printers out there who can create great packaging for you. But building a single mockup is a completely different animal. A mockup is an art challenge. And you don’t build it in a print shop; you build it in a studio. The challenge is to make it look like it’s really a printed piece. After doing this for more than 25 years, we can say with confidence that we can create almost any special effect you can design in a retail package.

botanical kinetics_bottles_detail

Dry Transfers/Rubdowns

Applied with precision and care by a P+H artist, our rubdowns can be indistinguishable from printed. From foil, metallic, pearlescent and fluorescent to Toyo Ink and Pantone® color matches + custom ideas of your own, we can create dry transfers for almost any surface you pick.


Thermoformed packaging

Here we take raw plastic sheeting and vacuum form it to your specifications. The result is clamshell, blister and tray packs—and almost any other kind of pack you can dream up—that look like they rolled right off the assembly line.


Foils + Metallic Ink Printing

Metallic inks and foil details add elegance and sophistication to any project. We can add these rich flourishes to a wide variety of substrates and materials, including labels, shrink films, paper, fabrics and more.

Artists airbrush and three bottles of colored inks.


Yes, we’re also painters. Maybe not like Matisse or Renoir, but we’re awfully good with an airbrush. Dripless, streakless application of metallic, pearlescent, fluorescent, custom, Toyo Ink or Pantone® color matches? Check. Product finishing? Check. Color exploration? Check. Matching the color and finish you want? Check.



Whichever kind of bossing you prefer, we can make it happen. Whether you want it on paper, corrugate or practically any other material.