P+H has been helping designers, ad agencies and corporate creatives transform their ideas into reality since 1970. Impeccable production services, personal attention, a wealth of experience and an enduring passion for the work have made us the go-to production resource for anyone who values the craft of communications. Our secret sauce? Our people.

Photo of Paul Hunt in front of chalkboard

Paul Hunt

Client Seeker, Nerve Soother, Strategist with a Smile. Depending on the need, Paul also supplies us with Frosties or Beer.
Bridget Johnson

Bridget Johnson

Account Executive
Flawless Juggler of Details, Project Management Wizard, #1 Client Comforter. We’ve also heard Bridget is a Pretty Good Golfer.
Photo of Lee Hunt in front of chalkboard

Lee Hunt

Director of Operations
Numbers Man, Task Master, Mr. Get-Stuff-Done. Lee is skilled in so many things we Don’t Even Know Where to Start.
Gary Hunt_0

Gary Hunt

Production Artist
Print + Production Wrangler, Color Pro, King of Quality Control. Gary is a True Artist who works with a song in his heart—and has the Dance Moves to match.
Photo of Tracy Davenport in front of chalkboard

Tracy Davenport

Number Cruncher, Spreadsheet Queen, Crosser of T’s, Dotter of I’s, Left Brain Archer, Lapsed Bowler. Tracy flies, too (as in Pilot of Airplanes).
Photo of Roger Remaley in front of chalkboard

Roger Remaley

Packaging Director
Conceptual Thinker, Strategist, Illustrator, Design Dude, Fly Fisherman. Roger is also a big time Teller of Tall Tales.
Photo of Jim Pawlowski in front of chalkboard

Jim Pawlowski

Production Artist
Tex-pert, 3-Demon, Photo + Production Pro, Easy Rider. Jim is No Slouch around the BBQ Kettle, either.
Photo of Chris Magner in front of chalkboard

Chris Magner

Mockup Technician
Mockup Maker, Innovator, Problem-Solver Supreme. Chris can make a Long Story Short and a Short Story Looooo-ooooong.