Bacardi Rum: Exquisite Mockups

Bacardi created the Facundo Collection—named after the revered founder of Bacardi himself—to bring “rums of unsurpassed quality, elegance and refinement to the world.” When our client received digital design approval for the boxes and bottle labels of these ultra-premium rums, they called on P+H to bring them to life for a hero photo shoot.

No pressure: Working closely with the design team, P+H went to work crafting mockups for both bottles and cartons that fully captured every detail of these “exquisite designs.”

The details:
Security labels for all bottles were printed on paper label stock with metallic inks.

Facundo Neo Silver Bottle
For these labels we used silver foil paper, complete with embossing to emphasize dimension.

Facundo Eximo Bottle

We printed type and art for the labels on gold foil paper and used rigid, 50-pt board wrapped in matte-finished colored paper for the cartons. Special effects included multi-level debossing, spot gloss varnish and foil cals to simulate stamping.

Facundo Exquisito Bottle

For this label we combined gold foil (foil silk screen simulation) and white rubdowns. The gift box mirrored the Eximo carton.

Facundo Paraiso XA Bottle

Red ribbon and gold foil rubdowns made this bottle—the most prized of the collection—look like it was sitting on a hacienda bar in pre-revolution Cuba.