Healright – Nutrition Bars

Package Design, Production Art & 3D Render

Speed of Change

The change and pace of a start-up is often lightning fast – leaving little time to do traditional photoshoots or wait to receive updated packaging. Good news is that the digital world can move as fast as you need it. P&H has developed world class 3D design capabilities that allow clients to update packaging and photography with the look and feel of a professional photoshoot. This was the perfect solution for the start-up brand, Healright. P&H provided beautiful new digital packaging and photography for its webstore that better captured the brand’s new direction in days vs. months.
Healright Gut Health, Caramel Apple Fig 14 serving package with figs apples and caramels in the background
Healright Gut Health, Caramel Apple Fig 2.19oz pouch with figs apples and bars in the background
Healright Gut Health, Peanut Butter Banana 14 serving package with peanut butter and bananas in the background

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