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Getting award-winning work out the door on time and on budget is one thing. Keeping it going for over 50 years is another. Unparalleled packaging knowledge. Superior craftsmanship. Speed. Collaboration. Across all of our creative production and mock up services, this is what powers each of our projects – no matter how big or small.

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Think of us as your ace in the hole for production services. Whether it is managing a large-scale complex project or a smaller engagement, we can take care of all your pre-press production needs. Our deep packaging knowledge, exceptional craftsmanship, and collaborative nature, lets us easily become a seamless member to your creative team.


Sometimes you just need a creative partner that can work seamlessly with your current designs or collateral to create new packaging. Our team prides itself on giving you both the ease and expertise required to make your layouts shine.


Our color experts and meticulous craftsmanship means that your spot colors and special effects have been translated perfectly long before press time. Finding the right partner upfront means no pressroom surprises and maximum satisfaction.


Meticulous to our core – we are obsessed about colors, materials and printing to ensure that what is approved is exactly what gets printed. That’s what we call print-ready file perfection.


Use our in-house studio to make things easier and faster for you. No need to take the gas off the pedal. Go from mock-ups to high quality photo shoots in one fell swoop.


Photo retouching, enhancing and color correction is nothing less than an art form. Our artisans’ dedication and care to every last detail ensure that your images look amazing.


When you combine all of our services and the skill that comes with our teams you will see the attention to detail and care that goes into every project we show in our portfolio.

Creative Production Services


There are many, many printers out there who can create great packaging for you. But building a single mockup is a completely different animal. A mockup is an art challenge. And you don’t build it in a print shop; you build it in a studio. The challenge is to make it look like a printed piece – only better. After doing this for over 50 years, we know a thing or two about what it takes to deliver that first moment of truth and make your packaging stand out in the crowd.

Packaging Mockups

We take packaging mockups to a whole new level. Our craftsmanship and artistry transform your flat design files into a bold, physical reality. You’ll be amazed at how a meticulously crafted, physical mockup can make getting your ideas approved and business done faster.

3D Renderings

3D renderings are in hot demand these days. As an affordable and timely way to get feedback, provide assets for digital campaigns and even sidestep supply chain issues, these digital heroes often save the day.

Sales Samples

Capitalizing on both our artistry and printing capabilities to make your future sales presentations or event a success. From the shelf sets to sales kits, the power of multiple packaging mockups could play a key role to your next big win.

Packaging Mockups

Additional Things We Do

Dry Transfers/Rubdowns

Applied with precision and care by P+H artists, our rubdowns can be indistinguishable from printed. From foil, metallic, pearlescent, and fluorescent to Toyo Ink and Pantone color machines + custom ideas of your own, we can elevate your packaging on almost any surface you pick.

Foil + Metallic Ink

Adding metallic inks and foil details to packaging is truly an art form. Our gifted artisans can add these rich flourishes to almost any type of substrates and materials for that luxurious look and feel.

Air Brush

Turn any packaging into an art form with airbrushing techniques and artisans at P&H. In our expert hands, you can create a packaging masterpiece using any color type, finish and product material. 

Embossing + Debossing

Add another dimension to your packaging with different embossing or debossing elements. Our skilled craftsmen are able to incorporate this technique onto almost any material to achieve the ultimate brand look and feel.

Packaging Production Support Services

Making your lives easy with our related services, sound processes, and proven systems is what good partners do. Here are a few of the extra services we like to share with our clients to lighten your workload and bring structure to an often chaotic creative process.

POP + Presentation Materials

We can make translating great design into stand-out, elements seamless for you. Apply our years of experience to your next die-cut shelf talker, floor display, and all your presentation materials.

Database Publishing

Make producing your next sell sheet, price list or catalog simple and stress-free. Our publishing tools bring you high quality results in a fraction of the time.

Language Translation

Does your project require multiple languages? If yes (or si, or oui), our translation services make it easy for your project to still move at warp speed and meet your language needs.

Asset Management 

Organizing, managing, storing, and archiving your print files and other creative assets can be a maddening job. We make it easy. You can use our well-established in-house systems, or we can integrate with yours. This way your latest version is right at your fingertips and always easy to find.

FDA + CFIA Regulatory Compliance

U.S and Canadian packaging regulations are complex and hard to follow. We like to share and share alike. And that includes all of our homework on the latest regulatory updates. Your package always goes out the door with a review of the latest regulations in mind.

Digital Review + Approval

To stay fast and nimble, we’ve designed a digital system that manages workflows and keeps track of reviews, changes and approved work. Take our built-in years of experience to keep your review process simple and painless.

Packaging Production Services

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