RED LOCKS – Irish Whiskey

New Product Mockup
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Luck of the Irish

For new companies and brands, suddenly ordering thousands of products to be made from your approved design can be intimidating. What if the color isn’t what you expected? Or the embossing isn’t quite right? If you’re not feeling inherently lucky, Partners + Hunt mock-up capabilities are a great place to start.
For this project, P+H worked with a design firm that was designing a label for a new line of Irish Whiskey. The firm (and their client) wanted to make sure that his design translated perfectly to the real thing. P+H created a full bottle mock-up that gave the client the confidence to move forward and helped guide the speciality printer to his first production run. 
Redlocks01 2 e1659037184800
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I just wanted today THANK YOU for jobs well done with a tight demanding time line…. Your work is great and timing + flexibility and service are GREATLY APPRECIATED! Please extend this to the crew, I am thankful to have you guys on the team!!!!