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Deion Sanders Snoop Cereal Collab

Using Mock-ups as Marketing Tools
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Smart Ideas Efficently Done


Snoop Dogg and Master P created a Snoop Cereal project to celebrate Deion Sanders for leading and inspiring us. In order to raise awareness for the product’s release, P+H was tasked with creating 24 Prime Time Honey-O Snax on time for the exciting game between the Colorado Buffaloes and Oregon State (only 48 hours!). With our swift and professional craftsmanship, P+H got the project done and out on time. The boxes were a hit, and were a big deal to both Buffalo Fans and Coach Prime.

Mock-ups as a Marketing Tool


Imagine being able to expose your new packaging to millions of potential consumers by handing it to figureheads like Coach Prime and letting them build mass anticipation weeks before your products hit the stores. This is just one advantage of having professional premium mockups done by Partner’s and Hunt Creative Services. It was inspiring to see our Mockups serve as a wildly successful marketing tool at the game. It raises the bar for what packaging mockups can accomplish. Use this success as inspiration to have your new packaging projects do the marketing FOR YOU. 
Portfolio Images
Portfolio Images
Portfolio Images

Master P says thank you for this speedy request. Watch the CU Buffalo Football game tomorrow night to see the boxes for Deion. Thanks again and Have a great weekend!


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