Creative Production

Think of us as your ace in the hole for production services. When your team can’t do it, or you just want to make absolutely sure it gets done right, we’ll get it done. We almost never say no. No matter how busy we are, we find ways to get your work out the door.

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Layout + Design

Think of us as a seamless extension of your creative team. Whether you’re creating new product packaging or collateral, all we need are examples of an existing campaign or brand guidelines to create work that fits right in.


3D Renders

Don’t have the time or budget for physical mockups? Lean on our 3-D rendering team to create the digital replacement you need for concept review and stand-in photography.

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Image Editing

Photo retouching, enhancing and color correction is nothing less than an art form. Our artists may not be Picassos, but they’re awfully good at making your images look amazing.

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Print-ready Files

Converting your designs and layouts into professional, print-ready files—complete with die lines, copy, fonts and other creative elements—is a core specialty at P+H.

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Database Publishing

With our automated production tools and techniques, we can create catalogs, sell sheets, price lists, whatever, right from your database—in a fraction of the time of traditional methods.

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Did we mention we have an in-house studio? Well, we do. And it’s perfect for the high quality, high volume outline shots you need for digital marketing or print.