Colorado Buffalo’s head coach, Deion Sanders, is being featured on Snoop’s Primetime Honey-O Snax box at the Colorado Buffalo football game. The decision to make Coach Prime the face of this limited edition cereal was simple. He has an endless list of great attributes, from being an All-American athlete, to earning recognition as one of the most prominent college football coaches. Fans from diverse backgrounds, whether they’re into sports or music, will be drawn to this iconic duo.

To make their vision come to life, Master P (Broadus Food’s CEO) and Snoop Dogg needed a mockup that would capture the essence of Coach Prime. That’s why they turned to Partners and Hunt Creative Support to get the job done. P&H was able to deliver 24 premium mockups, in under two days.

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These mockups were made long before the official release of the cereal. With mockups in hand they are able to develop a public relations campaign and have interviews with Deion Sanders promoting this limited edition cereal. It is safe to say that Master P was grateful for opting to hire P+H to deliver his mockups – they were a game changer.


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