In the world of sleep apnea treatment, innovation and aesthetics are often overlooked in favor of functionality. However, Transcend, a leading CPAP company, is changing the game by prioritizing both effectiveness and visual appeal in their products. Their recent collaboration with Partners & Hunt marks a significant step forward in this endeavor.

Transcend has long been recognized for its commitment to delivering high-quality CPAP solutions that are compact, lightweight, and travel friendly. Despite their technical capability, they recognized the need to revamp their branding to better resonate with consumers. This is where Partners & Hunt, known for their package design and creative production support.

The first task at hand for Transcend was to reimagine their logo and packaging. Understanding the importance of these elements in shaping consumer perception, Transcend embarked on an exploration of their brand identity. They unveiled a sleek, modern logo that encapsulates Transcend’s commitment to innovation and quality while maintaining a user-friendly aesthetic.

by Sqr Transend
by Sqr Transend

With the logo and packaging redesigned, the next phase of the collaboration involved P&H creating mockups for a video and photoshoot. Packaging mockups took Transcends advertising to a whole new level. Since it was a new brand and package design not yet available to the public, mockups were the best way to showcase the device. The craftsmanship and artistry of the mockups transformed the way Transcend was able to showcase their product. Leveraging their expertise in package design and mockups, they were able to showcase Transcends CPAP devices for their retail clients as well as a range of social marketing strategies that provided their retailers with a full range of go to market strategies.

The video and photoshoot mockups were meticulously exicuted to capture the essence of Transcends brand while resonating with their target audience. Every detail of the mockups was carefully considered to ensure authenticity and relatability. P&H was able to extend it’s Transcends social media presence by creating a wide variety of social media campaigns that supported retail partners.

The collaboration between Transcend and Partners & Hunt represents technical expertise and creative vision, resulting in a brand identity that is not only visually appealing but also deeply resonant with consumers.

In an era where design plays an increasingly important role in consumer purchasing decisions, Transcends partnership with Partners & Hunt shows their commitment to staying ahead of the curve. By prioritizing both functionality and aesthetics, they were able to leverage social media and marketing.


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