At first blush, color proofing sounds easy. Your design company gives you a final design with colors in CMYK format. And you think your next step is to send it over to the printer. Guess again.

Color proofing is the step between design and print-ready-files. With the right color specialists, it should result in the ultimate printing guide ensuring your printer gives you flawless color accuracy every single time.


Rishi Tea’s new packaging designs showcased the same premium, inspirational quality that it brings to its teas. The artistry of its water color design and foil embossing was the ideal pairing to the artistry that it takes to create the perfect tea. Its beautifully diverse color palette was important in not only creating a unique story for each of its teas but also to help its consumer shop the tea section more easily.

With such a unique, premium packaging, Rishi Tea company came to Partners + Hunt for color proofing to ensure that the printer knew how to flawlessly translate the design to the final printed piece. To start, our color experts created physical proofs for each of the client’s SKUs. This type of meticulous process took a special level of artistry with the Rishi Tea packaging. P+H specialists spent hours finding the best color and level of saturation to achieve the desired water color effect for each unique printed packaging as well as to determine the best foil color and material to match the original design.

The result was the ultimate color accuracy guide for the printer and client peace of mind. The passion for color accuracy from the P+H team meant no press room surprises and that its unique packaging would be perfectly replicated every time.

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